Kia Cerato

An exceptional product coming out of SAIPA production lines in two models; one manual with 1.6 L engine and the other automatic with 2.0 L engine. Equipped with a decent set of accessories, Cerato is able to fulfill the needs of customers and with an exceptional handling can provide a pleasurable driving experience.

Overall Specifications

Type M/T 1.6 A/T 2.0 M/T 1.6 Optional A/T 2.0 Optional
Length 4530
Width 1775
Height 1460
Curb weight 1236 1293 1236 1293
Fuel Consumption (lit)
Combined cycle (lit/100km) 6/6 7/1 6/6 7/1
Fuel tank capacity (lit) 52
Wheels and Tyres
Wheel type Steel 15 inches Aluminum 16 inches Steel 15 inches Aluminum 16 inches
Tyres 195/45R15 205/55R16 195/45R15 205/55R16

Technical Specifications

Type M/T 1.6 A/T 2.0 M/T 1.6 Optional A/T 2.0 Optional
Transmission type Manual 6-speed Automatic 6-speed Manual 6-speed Automatic 6-speed
Engine fuel 1.6 DOHC MPI 2.0 DOHC MPI 1.6 DOHC MPI 2.0 DOHC MPI
Engine Type V16, 4Cylinder
Displacement (cc) 1600 2000 1600 2000
Power 124hp@6300rmp 156hp@6200rmp 124hp@6300rmp 156hp@6200rmp
Max Torque 156Nm@4200rmp 194.2Nm@4300rmp 156Nm@4200rmp 194.2Nm@4300rmp
Steering Wheel
Type Steering Wheel Hydrolic
Suspension Front Macpherson
Suspension Rear Torsion-beam
Front Disk
Rear Drum

Safety and Accessories

Type M/T 1.6 A/T 2.0 M/T 1.6 Optional A/T 2.0 Optional
Safety and Comfort
Airbag (driver and passenger)
Trip computer
Cruise control
Leather gear stick and steering wheel
Adjustable steering column
Seatbelts alarm
Automatic unlock after collision
Anti-theft immobilizer
Front lamps with leveling switch
Automatic Lamps
Front and rear fog lights
Remote central locking
Front and rear power windows
Air-conditioning Manual Automatic Manual Automatic
Electric side mirrors with turn signal lights
Engine malfunction indicator lamp
CD PLAYER + radio + AUX+IPOD + USB + 6 speakers
Tank and trunk release lever inside the car

Type M/T 1.6 A/T 2.0 M/T 1.6 Optional A/T 2.0 Optional
Safety and Comfort
Seatbelt pretensioners with adjustable height
Rear windshield defrosting
Foldable remote control
reverse radar
Power sunroof
Multi media - rear cammera - GPS
Paddel shifter
Key less+Smart key
Super vision cluster
Leather seats

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