Kaveh 6*4 Dumper

Kaveh 6*4 Dumper is one of Kaveh heavy commercial vehicle family, produced by SAIPA Diesel. D 270 is a kind of dump (tipper) truck which is equipped with PTO (Power Take Off) and a very safe brake.

Overall Specifications

Overal length (mm) 7750
Cab Width (mm) 2500
Height (mm) 3140
Wheelbase (mm) 3800
Rear axles (distance) 1450
Rear over hang 1000
Max speed (km/h) 90
Frame profile Dimension
Frame Front Width (mm) 940
Frame Rear Width (mm) 860
Profile height (mm) 300
Profile width (mm) 90
Profile thickness (mm) 8+8
Chassis weights (kg)
GVW 32000
Chassis Curb Weight 9500
front axle capacity (max) 8000
rear axle capacity (max) 26000
Chassis weight include : Cab, engine, gear box, axle, suspension, tires and fuel tank etc...
Note: Weights can vary ± 1.5%
Electric System
Voltage 24 v
Battery 165 Amp-h
Alternative capacity 80
Starter power 7.5

Type Tubeless Radial Tire
Size 315./80 R 22.5
Fuel Tank
Type Aluminum fuel tank
Capacity 400 lit
Uerea tank
Type High density Polyethelene
Capacity 45 lit
Brake System
Full air brake system, split pneumatic circuit , parking spring brake acting on rear axles , ABS(WABCO)+ESC, Front and raer axle drum brake, steel air tank, J-Brake(engine brake, exhaust brake)
Suspension Front Parabolic spring with shock absorber and stabilizer bar
Suspension Rear Leaf spring with shock absorber

Technical Specifications

Transmission type ZF 16S221DD
No. of Gear speeds 16 forward + 2 reverse
System Synchronized cable shifting
Max input torque (N.m) 2200
Weight without oil 319 kg
Oil capacity 13 lit
Gear ratios
1 st 16.41
2 nd 13.8
3 rd 11.28
4 th 9.49
5 th 7.76
6 th 6.53
7 th 5.43
8 th 4.57
9 th 3.49
10 th 3.02
11 th 2.47
12 th 2.08
13 th 1.7
14 th 1.43
15 th 1.19
16 th 1
Reverse (1) 15.36
Reverse (2) 12.92
Type of engine Dongfeng DCI420 40 SCR (Aad-blue)
Emission standard EURO IV
Max power 303 kw / 420 hp @ 1900 rpm
Max out torque 2000Nm @ 1200rpm
Cylinder 6
Displacement (lit) 11.12 lit
Cylinder bore 123 mm
Stroke 156 mm
Oil Capacity 34 lit
Cooling system volume 42 lit
Special equipment : Water cooled, turbocharged ,after cooled, high pressure common rail System,cold start , pre heating for starting, .J-Brake(engine brake, exhaust brake),Electro-viscous fan
System Hydroulic control with air Wabco booster
Model MFZ 430
Diameter 430 mm
Steering Wheel
Model 8098
System Integral power assisted (ZF brand steering box)
Lock to lock turns 4.5 turns
Steering wheel diameter 450 mm
Front axle type Elliot type, forged , I beam section
Front load capacity 7 tons
Rear axle type Hub reduction ,tandem axle ,Differential lock and axle lock , ratio4.77: 1
Rear load capacity 26 tons

Safety and Accessories

speedometer, water thermometer , fuel gauge, compressed air gauge, oil pressure gauge. cruise control
Standard equipment
(Siren & air horn,),water separator fuel filter , safety belts, fire extinguisher, front towing brace, first aid kit, fuel tank lock, tool kit ,20(ton) jack, indicator lights, radio and CD player , front / rear fog lights ,warning triangle , rear lights, mudguard , engine start button from outside the cab . GPS, parking heater,Tachograph VDO
Sleeper cab, forward control type , low roof , all welded steel cab of tilt type, electrical cab tilting, antirust covering, driver pneumatic adjustable seat ,front and rear mechanical suspension, air conditioning system , wind shield wiper and washer , internal and external sun visor, electric windows, central lock , Electric side mirrors,

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