Life in SAIPA

Quality of Work Place

SAIPA Group considers its work force as the most valuable strategic asset and always plan and implement variety of programs to provide a pleasant work place to promote work satisfaction and mental health by following agendas:

Employees' Health Promotion (Physical and Mental Health)

  • Social services and consulting (individual, workshop, family,… consulting services) with commitment to confidentiality
  • Study and implement approaches to develop the culture of public health and increasing awareness through pamphlets, brochures, message letters, booklets etc.
  • Planning and performing recreational and sports activities for employees and their families
  • Planning and running public sports throughout the Corporation
  • Planning and implementing periodical medical health checkup (beginning of employment, return to work, periodical and at request)
  • Social and medical Insurance coverage for employee and the member of the family
  • Preserve medical and insurance records of employees

Sports in SAIPA

- Public sports :
  • Planning and promoting public sports in work place (walking, mountain climbing)
  • Planning, providing, establishing and maintaining health stations and sports areas in work place
  • Using the equipments of sports complexes
  • Assessment and monitoring sports complexes that are used by employees and workers sport teams
  • Spreading the culture of sports and solutions through brochure, CD, booklets and…
- Workers Sports Teams :
  • Performing group sports throughout the corporation and use the sports equipments by shaping teams for sports like mountain climbing, dart, volleyball, basketball and taekwondo
  • Organizing and supporting sport teams through sending invitation to departments for various sports fields (men and women) including table tennis, badminton, mountain climbing, chess and swimming
- Championship Sports :
  • SAIPA started championship sport in 1986 by organizing a soccer team and now SAIPA Group has team in football (in all age range), chess, car race, hockey, taekwondo, badminton, wrestling, volleyball, beachside volleyball, power lifting for men and also chess and badminton for women

5S a System for Keeping Order

This system increases productivity and reduces work related accidents. The final objective of 5S is to avoid waste. This system was performed by Japanese for the first time and now it is considered as pre-requisite for successful implementation of management techniques and systems. The most important advantage of this system is that it can be deployed in any place.

SAIPA Group has started deploying this system throughout the corporation through following methods:

  • Performing the principles of 5S throughout the company (4 times a year)
  • PAKSA marketplace: this is an environment where non-necessary purchases are avoided by using available possibilities. This marketplace explores and identifies surplus or excess items in all departments, and then introduces them to other staff to be used better.

Workplace Safety and Health Topics

According to policies of Integrated Management System in SAIPA, we believe in designing and organizing a safe and healthy environment. Based on this policies, we always identify and asses the dangers and hazards and according to rules and regulations we define targets and plans to safety and hygiene. To reach this objective SAIPA succeeded in deploying of OHSAS18001: 2007 Occupational health and safety standards. The principles of safety and health are trained to personnel in accordance with their assigned tasks and objectives. According to a regular schedule safety experts at SAIPA visited all places to find non-compliance with procedures and suggest corrective and preventive actions, by finding the root of non-compliance.

Each year all the procedures are audited and reviewed by the expert team from within the corporation to achieve the goal of continuous improvement. To create a healthy and safe working environment, SAIPA designed and carried out the following actions:

  • Identifying the risk and hazardous hubs
  • Supply and installation of safety signs throughout the corporation and production lines
  • Planning and supervising the activities of safety co-workers and leading the safety meetings
  • Evaluate the operation of the activities related to safety standards
  • Continuous monitoring of industrial hygiene
  • Providing the protective clothing and equipment related to the physical and chemical materials

Payment Systems

SAIPA studies payment system of similar corporations and enterprises and labor market in order to prepare payments plans in accordance with prevalent approaches:

  • Providing incentives in order to encourage excellent conduct
  • Assisting the employees with expenditures in children's education and family travels
  • Assist to by cars
  • Providing several kinds of loans in buying house, car, salary payment in-advance and …
  • Extra payments for married personnel and incentives for punctuate employees
  • Gifts and bonuses at the end of the year
  • Incentives, cash vouchers

Evaluate Employee Performance

  • Establishment of mechanisms for measuring performance
  • Conducting employee performance evaluation system at all levels of the organization, compared to standard
  • Feedback and results of employee performance related to personnel and organizational units

Our Activities

SAIPA Group Center for Strategic Studies

  • Prepares SAIPA Group Strategy
  • Finds new supporting businesses
  • Appoints SAIPA Group Companies annual policies
  • Finds and deploys Management Systems which are needed in SAIPA Group
  • Monitors and measuring the Group's strategic plans implementation
  • Publishes strategic information for SAIPA Group companies
  • Performs environmental study for the Group
  • Determines and develops complementary businesses
  • Determines supporting strategies for the SAIPA Group

Planning Division

  • Prepares strategic plans and annual targets for SAIPA and measures the performance
  • Organizes and designs appropriate organizational structure for SAIPA
  • Designs, develops and prepares processes, systems and methods for SAIPA
  • Plans, develop and support the integrated management for all systems and applications for SAIPA
  • Collects, analyzes and processes information and databases relating to the Company and SAIPA Group
  • Plans and organizes all activities related to hardware, network and database development and supports appropriate and timely services to all departments within the company

Finance Division

  • Analyzes and checks all financial documents, preserves all financial records of SAIPA Group companies
  • Performs all financial and accounting operations in all areas
  • Identifies and supplies financial resources, controls treasury and supervises accounts receivable
  • Integrates operations of general accounting, payroll accounting and makes optimal use of tax reduction opportunities to serve the Group companies
  • Performs tasks related to boards general meetings, budgeting and performance evaluation, and preparation and presentation of financial reports.
  • Performs all tasks related to investments, economic studies and shares of SAIPA group companies
  • Preparing periodical financial performance reports or requested by the stockholders and related organizations

Commerce Division

  • Timely provision of goods, facilities, metals from inside and outside the country and services to the Company and SAIPA group and performing bank and customs formalities
  • Effective management of business processes and costs regarding commerce and optimum use of available resources
  • Effective interaction with the Ministry of Industry, IDRO (Industry Renovation Organization), the Ministry of Commerce, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping, banks, customs Insurance Companies in line with the goals of SAIPA Group
  • Effective interaction with foreign companies contracted to supply goods and services to the Company, and SAIPA Group

Human Resource Development Division

  • Performs assessment of the human resource needs of the organization and also planning, procurement, deployment and employment of human resources
  • Evaluates performance of human resources with respect to the objectives and expected targets
  • Evaluates SAIPA Group companies in achievement of the strategic goals of human resources
  • Plans and administrates the welfare and employees public services
  • Develops human resource capabilities by providing required training
  • Develops a relation between industry and university
  • Maintains and enhances employee health, safety, environment and equipment.
  • Provides prevention of workplace hazards resulting from operations

Production Planning Division

  • Develops long-term, medium-term operational production according to capacity of production lines and customer needs
  • Supplies materials and parts needed for production planning schedule and orders the purchase of materials, tools and spare parts in order to avoid the stops in production lines
  • Timely receives, preserves and sends the parts and controls the inventory of parts and items and determine how these items are consumed; plans initiatives to reduce waste, as well as planning and controlling the flow of pallets
  • Plans and controls the production lines and monitors the implementation of the plans
  • Investigates and identifies the cause of stops in production lines, and also plans and constantly follows up to eliminate the cause of cessation from related departments

Technical Services and Support Department

  • Management, Maintenance and Protection of Physical Assets of the Organization
  • Designing, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of Equipment and Fixtures for New Products in Production Lines
  • Maintenance and Development of Infrastructure in Production Lines
  • Modification of Consumption Pattern and Providing New Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Sale of Services, Equipment and Machinery to Outside Organizations to Increase Revenue
  • Development and Deployment of Relevant Modules to Plant Management System
  • Execution of Cost Reduction Projects and Current Expenses Control of the Organization
  • Corrective Measures and Improvement of Equipments in Production Lines

Engineering Division

  • Cooperates in the process of selecting new product, transferring technology and related documents
  • Provides technical support for newly developed products and technologies, current products, parts and components in accordance with the standards
  • Launches production lines inside and outside the company and in target markets abroad
  • Defines and optimizes the processes, equipments and machinery in production lines and the units who provide support and assistance to production
  • Provides technical assistance for new products and non-production units of the company

Production Division

  • Implements all manufacturing activities, including the stamp, body, pain and assembly, and also production of heavy dies and pressed parts in accordance with quality level approved and targeted by the Company
  • Monitors proper manufacturing processes in order to improve product quality
  • Plans and monitors in order to reduce general costs and expenses from related units

Quality Division

  • Defines goals and indices for measuring and monitoring the quality
  • Audits and evaluate products and processes
  • Performs quality control of incoming parts
  • Performs quality control of production processes
  • Performs analysis, follow ups, finding roots or causes of defect and provides corrective initiatives to eliminate errors completely
  • Calibrates instruments and test equipment etc.
  • Monitors and ensures the quality performance associated with the inspection before delivery, after sales service, quality of exporting cars and production sites

International Affairs and Export Division

  • Develops export strategies and goals and plans to achieve the approved objectives
  • Determines policies and priorities of the international markets and identifies target markets
  • Sells products and parts to foreign markets
  • Promote SAIPA brand in foreign markets
  • Enables the dealers in targeted markets in the field of sales and after-sales services
  • Interact with internal and external agencies to facilitating the export
  • Directs the construction of production plants abroad and participates in policy management in those countries

SAIPA Group Sales and Marketing Division

  • Makes Policies and defines objectives in sales and marketing of passenger and light commercial cars for SAIPA group
  • Develops and implements strategies to promote sales
  • Prepares Orders for production and sale of passenger and light commercial cars within the country
  • Performs activities to increase market share of passenger and light commercial cars of SAIPA Group
  • Analyzes and proposes the needs of market to new product development according to customers' present and future needs

Coordinating and Monitoring plans Management

  • Evaluates the economic and technical aspects of proposed projects and provide analytical reports in coordination with the relevant units
  • Follows up and monitors all contracts
  • Plans and builds up the parts and components, to establish a proper communicate with relevant organizations and institutions in order to use discounts in commerce or customs.

Excellence Management

  • Identification and selection of business excellence models, in accordance with the Company's vision; assessment of the Company based on the selected model; development of selected model in terms of definition, leadership and management of projects and getting good rankings in International Awards
  • Develops and deepens international standards of corporate management system gains to stabilize and improve the efficiency of the system and the implementation of new international standards for all relevant areas

Managers Development Management

  • Promotes and develops managerial skills in SAIPA Group companies
  • Evaluates performance to identify the strengths and weaknesses of senior business executives in SAIPA Group
  • Prepares, designs and implements payroll and motivational system for different levels of management in SAIPA Group companies

Communications Management

  • Plans, coordinates, controls and provides the facilities needed for effective communication the Company with its environment
  • Written and oral communication between employees and management
  • Provides news and information for media and maintain a proper relation with media
  • Evaluates and follows up problems and complaints raised by customers and clients in order to promote the SAIPA brand
  • Manages advertising and publications

Legal Management

  • Manages and follows up all legal issues pro and against in all stages of the courts, regarding authorities or relevant individual or institutions to achieve results and ensure the rights of the Company

Inspection Management

  • Manages and follows up referred tasks by the president in the Company and in SAIPA Group until the intended results are achieved

President office Management

  • Plans, coordinates, and address issues related to the field of SAIPA Group president

Internal Audit Management

  • Monitors operations to identify deviations from the relevant regulations and prepares analytical reports

Development of Capabilities

Training and Skills Development

SAIPA Training Center as a branch of Human Resource Development Department, has the responsibility of development of skills and knowledge of the employees and in accordance with SAIPA's mission and in line with senior management policies and objectives in the areas of human resources, Performs the duties and focuses on the needs and expectations of stakeholders and their services within the framework of customer orientation, learning and empowerment.

The services of this center are presented in two categories: academic training and in-service training at SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center.

In-Service Training

  • Training skills are presented as "on the Job Training" (OJT) courses with TPT method, seminars, workshops and short or midterm training courses are performed both inside and outside the Company.
  • Managerial or expertise courses are designed according to annual assessment of educational needs and are performed through training courses, seminars and short or midterm workshops within and outside the Company.

SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center

SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center works under the supervision of higher education system and is a branch of Applied Science University. The purpose of the center is to promote and upgrade employee skills and to train needed experts to perform duties in various parts of SAIPA Group companies by using and organizing equipments, material and human resources. In 2003 this Center started two fields of study, one of them is 'Machine tools and Machinery' and the other is 'Car Mechanical Repairs' with associate degrees and now in less than 12 years, this Center expanded the fields of studies to 17 academic disciplines (Table A). SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center is the first training center in the country that has been successful in obtaining IWA2 standard in 2012. Currently this center has a total of 292 students in Bachelor of Science and associate degrees, under the supervision of highly qualified professors. SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center is proud to have trained 871 people since 2003 in its record.

Table A) Current fields of study in SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center

Associate degree Mechanical repairs
Machine Tool
Vehicle Quality Control
Vehicle Parts Quality Control
After sales service
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Assembly
Public Relations
Planning and Production Control
Supply Chain in Logistics
Industrial Health and Safety
Fire Extinguish in Fire Fighting
Rescue Operation in Fire Fighting
Business Management
Bachelor of Science (BS) Automotive Mechanical Engineering Technology
Automotive Mechanical Technology Engineering
Engineering in Technology Logistics Supply Chain

Academy Relations

Apprentice Application

To develop a relationship between industry and academia and to benefit from the students in automotive fields, including technical, engineering and management as well as paving the way for students to be familiar with automotive industry, SAIPA Group absorbs a specific number of apprentices from graduate or undergraduate students based on SAIPA capacity and required fields of study.

According to assessment which was carried out in 2014, SAIPA invites undergraduate in various fields including Mechanics, Automotive Engineering, Computer Software or Hardware, Robotics, Industrial Engineering, Accounting, Industrial Management as apprentices.
phone number :
+98 2161611538

Theses and Dissertation

To develop scientific and applied research culture, and to promote knowledge of the automotive industry and using the results of the research and postgraduate thesis and in accordance with corporate social responsibility, SAIPA Group annually assesses and defines its research needs. Students can propose their theses or dissertation to SAIPA Group Scientific and Applied Education Center by submitting the form. All received proposals are examined by the Evaluating Dissertations and Research Committee and, if approved, SAIPA Group will support them according to a contract.

Form of Theses and Dissertation


In order to provide the human resources necessary for its administrative and operational departments, SAIPA Automotive Group started to create a database of applicants. Those who are interested to work for SAIPA can register and fill out the form in the link bellow according to required fields.