About CRM Center

  • Activities related to customers in SAIPA Automotive Group started in 1999 with forming of Customers Relations Office in SAIPA Yadak , as provider of after sales services to SAIPA Group esteemed customers. In the following years, given the importance of organizing and handling requests from customers and facilitating communication with the relevant departments on one hand, and the need to promote qualitative, quantitative level of handling the requests on the other hand, the activities continued as follows.
  • In 2005 a call center was created in SAIPA Yadak to define processes, and procedures in the field of customer relationship
  • In 2011- a structure for accountability and integrated handling the requests was created with the aim of having a multi-media contact center for the whole SAIPA Group, as well as focusing and deploying integrated processes in the field customer relations
  • In 2015 a Center was created for Customer Relations and Dealers Network Relations with the aim of integrating call centers and side road rescue services as well as communication channels, development of software processes and integrated monitoring structure at SAIPA Automotive Group level.


The mission of CRM center is to create an intelligent, dynamic and customer-oriented framework for strategic and routine decision-making in SAIPA Group in line with achieving the first place in Iranian customer choice through the integration of information systems and broadcasting information among subdivisions of the center such as engineering, supply chain, the production units, sales channels, after sales service and dealers network.


The mission of CRM center is to create a proper and systemic context and processes necessary for easy and effective interaction with customers as well as using their feedback in order to improve the level of product quality, and providing sales and after-sales services to enhance customer satisfaction and also improving business in SAIPA Automotive Group.


In SAIPA Group, in accordance with the priorities of the CRM center assigned by the CEO, the objectives are providing ease of access, meeting customer requirements, enhancing the level of loyalty, creating interactions as well as transparent and respectful relations with customers, and satisfying them, in line with create a culture of accountability are among the priorities of the CRM Center.

Projects and programs

  • Customer Experience Management (CEM): In order to establish interactive relations with customers and to receive their feedback on the quality of products and services the CEM project was created with the aimed of improving the mentioned fields
  • Customer Integrated Evaluation Management Index or Customer Management Index (CMI): The purpose is to establish an integrated assessment of the performance in the field of customer at SAIPA Automotive Group
  • Call Center Employees Performance Evaluation Management: This program is defined to evaluate the performance of employees and to promote the scientific and technical level of responding the customers
  • Development of SAIPA Automotive Group Customer Club: With the aim of enhancing and improving customer loyalty


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