SAIPA Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center (AIRIC) was established in 1993. AIRIC’s main site is located in the vicinity of its mother company, Saipa.

This center, comprising two main sites, owns different facilities including offices, workshops and laboratories. There are different workshops for modeling, tooling and assembly as well as different laboratories including emission measurement, track test, CMM, non-destructive crash test, NVH assessment and Modal analysis. Using these facilities along with extensive knowledge of vehicle design, development and testing, AIRIC is capable of rendering different services in vehicle design from concept design to production, minor or major face-lifts, and testing for type approval. AIRIC is also known as the most comprehensive testing center nationwide.

Automotive Industry Research & Innovation Center of SAIPA as the beginning point of developing a new product, is of central importance for SAIPA Group. This center adjusted its capabilities to SAIPA Group product development plans by boosting its infrastructures.

New Product Development

Among numerous projects that have been implemented at this center there cases can be mentioned: Pride Safari (1998), Karavan van (1999), SAIPA 141 (2003), CNG Pride (2004), SAIPA 132 (2007), TIBA (2009), SAIPA 111 (2010), SAIPA 151 (2011).

Laboratory Services

The capabilities of Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center of SAIPA in the field of vehicle testing are as follows:

Emission Measurements Tests

  • Measurement of fuel consumption (for the urban cycle, road, Combined)
  • Emission measurements (up to Euro IV standards on gasoline and CNG)
  • RAW emissions measured during EUDC - ECE cycle

Road Tests

  • Variety of ECE and EEC standards tests
  • Variety of handling tests (steady state or in transition)
  • Varity of vehicle noise sensory tests (Squeak and Rattle)
  • Variety of vehicle performance tests (engine, brakes, steering, etc.)

Vibrations and Road tests Simulating

  • Measurement of ride comfort
  • The ability to perform ECE and EEC standards tests
  • Evaluation the efficiency and performance of suspension system
  • Performing endurance test for vehicles parts, suspension and body

Precise Measurement Tests

  • Precise measurement of vehicle parts or any industrial part and performing 6 types of approval tests

Non Destructive Collision Tests

These tests are run to protect passengers in high acceleration:
  • Seatbelts tests
  • Seats tests
  • Headrest tests
  • Crash simulation tests
  • CNG tanks acceleration tests

Sound analysis, Modal and Static body Deformation Tests

  • Measurement of noise outside the vehicle (passing noise) in accordance with international standards, ISO, EECEEC, etc
  • Measurement of noise inside the vehicle in accordance with international standards, ISO, EEC, etc
  • Measurement of auditory warning sound from vehicles and motorcycles
  • Measurement of sound produced by mechanical, electronics, home appliances etc
  • Determining the natural frequencies
  • Measurement torsion and bending stiffness