PLASCOKAR SAIPA Company with four decades experience is one of the most reputable companies in the field of polymer industries in Iran. The company was established in 1963 by private section. This company in comparison with its contemporaneous companies has passed its childhood very fast and within ten years became the biggest producer of Melamine, Plastic home appliances, and Nylon in the Middle East. In 1997, SAIPA Group bought the 100% stocks of PLASCOKAR for making this company as the leading pole of polymer products manufacturer for automotive systems and the company became one of the main companies of SAIPA Group.

In 2008, our board members decided to develop and increase its production capacity, so it has bought a five hectare land in Caspian Industrial Town in Qazvin province. Consequently, movement and development project of the company has come to the agenda. Eventually, in 2013 the project was put into operation and at the moment products of SAIPA Automotive Group including bumpers, door covers and other internal and external car trim parts are all being produced, packaged and delivered to the car assembling plants.