Engine, Gear box and Axles

In 1993, Manufacturer of Engine, Gearbox and Axle “MEGA MOTOR” was founded to produce passenger cars and pickups power train. Fundamentally, MEGA MOTOR seeks for the following five main targets:

  • Domestic needs supply
  • Self-sufficiency in components manufacturing
  • Focusing on quality and achieving Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Presence in global markets and industrial export development
  • After sales service to customers and consumers.

Manufacturing area of MEGA MOTOR includes two main sites with overall area of 177,000 m2 including 6 engine assembly lines, 3 gearbox assembly lines and one axle assembly line. Furthermore, some of the 5C components, gearbox housing, clutch housing and gear sets manufacturing centralized in MEGA MOTOR.
In addition to mentioned sites, we have also18 subsidiaries which some of them are hundred percent owned by us. Moreover, our supply chain includes 1140 local and 337 foreign suppliers.