ZAR Spring Manufacturing Company was established in 1964, starting its operation under the license of BRUNINGHAUS as a reputable German partner.

ZAR began manufacturing leaf springs for heavy and light duty vehicles with an annual capacity of 15000 tons.
Since 1998 ZAR has been producing parabolic springs in a fully automated production line. The corresponding know-how was acquired from famous German companies. Currently our company produces various types of parabolic springs with an annual capacity of 3000 tons.

At present, ZAR Spring Mfg Co. is highly graded among the few top spring manufacturers of the region. Products :

Currently ZAR produces more than 2500 kinds of leaf and parabolic spring sets for domestic and international customers from Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and etc.

The company’s products are used in many types of vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, pickups, buses, trucks and trailers. At present ZAR is a sub company of SAIPA Automotive MFG. Corporation and supplies its products to about fifteen leading automotive manufacturers which are under license of KIA MOTORS, VOLVO, IVECO, NISSAN, PEUGEOT,, MAZDA and etc.