Iran Market


SAIPA Group offers products according to market requirements and certain circumstances with different methods of sales, such as instant sale, credit sales, leasing and so forth. In addition, SAIPA provides services such as internet shopping, replacement of used car, scrappage schemes, sale of options and accessories, online status check, orange card (Service packages), insurance, etc.

After-Sales Services

There are several services that SAIPA offers to car owners such as online appointment, remote electronic diagnostics; online track of the status of admitted vehicles for repair, warranty services, roadside assistance, insurance and etc.
In addition, customers can join the Customer's Club to use additional services.

Overseas Market


Foreign sales and after-sales service for SAIPA products are done by SAIPA overseas dealers. They provide their services to customers in 7 countries namely Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan,China,UAE and Lebanon

Foreign Owners

Owners of SAIPA products can receive after-sales services from SAIPA overseas dealers. These dealers are representatives of SAIPA Group in 7 countries: Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan,China,UAE and Lebanon . They are ready to provide services to SAIPA Group customers.